General Dental practice, Gum Disease Treatment, Dental Implants, Dental radiology, Tooth whitening, Oral prophylaxis,
Root Canal Therapy, Braces, Child dentistry, Crowns & Bridges.
Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry uses a number of ways to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Treatments are available to make crooked teeth look straighter


Our services gives you the care that is needed. This involves education, treatment and good practice of maintaining your teeth and gums. Information on daily brushing, regular dental cleanings, Healthline information that will help you to avoid enamel wear, cavities and gum disease which will invariabley help you to avoid sensitivity.

Cavity Fillings

Cavity fillings are biocompatible material used for filling up the cavities, which are intentionally cut on the infected part of the tooth surface.

Dental Treatment For Children

Early treatment of children's dental needs is important, because primary teeth form the foundation for adult, permanent teeth.


IDS provides the best of its kind

About Us
We are committed to providing world class Dental Services , with special emphasis on sterility and patients comfort. We are located at CEDDI PLAZA, with its ambience of unstated elegance shows clearly that in addition to our professionalism we intend to give our patients that relaxed and soothing environment especially required for dental treatment. We have visiting specialists in Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontology.

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